Leslie michiel designs


I create an original piece of art work everyday. A day does not go by that doesn’t include a new, original art idea. I have no fewer than 1,000 pieces of original jewelry that I have made over the past 20 years. My collections include mostly necklaces (to go with every outfit that I own!). I also have plenty of bracelets, (mostly in size 7) and some earrings.

I spend my mornings and early afternoons interacting with and teaching students of all different ages; about art technique and appreciation, and how they can create original art of their own.

I facilitate inspirational art experiences with them including drawing and painting with watercolor and acrylics. We also explore pottery which includes bisque and glaze firing in a kiln.


I’m an artist, a jewelry designer, a teacher, and a published author. I have been on an artistic quest my entire life.I have expressed my artistic passion through jewelry making, sculpting with glass, crocheting, drawing, painting, creation of multi- media art pieces, writing, and teaching.

A Day in the Life of...Me.